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When you need to write a paper, you have basically two variants: to do it by yourself or to order it partially or fully with a custom writing service. There is, however, the third way – to use a free online writing service, which allows you to get your essay done and even quite well-formatted within several minutes. How is it possible? Read our review on – one of free essay writing websites and you will find it out.

Magic Does Not Exist

When we opened for the first sight we could not understand how the whole writing process worked. The site was almost empty except for one form, where we indicated our topic and clicked on the pencil image button. The next thing we saw was a blank sheet with the topic already written at its top, and that was it.

The explanation given by the site was pretty strange and unclear. In the form of a small notice it informed us that the service was a patented mix of magic and Wikipedia and nothing more. There were no further instructions or user help options. Not having a clue what to do, we decided to start somehow our essay, so we typed several words and it was the moment we understood the whole magic-Wikipedia thing, which turned out to be quite disappointing.

Revealing the Trick

So, the mechanism is the following: you press any key on your keyboard, and the site automatically produces the text taken completely from Wikipedia. The text is not original, impossible to be formatted, and it is hard to imagine the person who would need it. It is practically the same as to open Wikipedia and simply copy the article.

Additional problems occur when you want to copy or print the text produced by this gizmo. We must confess that we did not manage to find out how to do neither of them, which made the service for us even more useless.

Our Conclusions

Our team were unanimous in the conclusion that is a bad alternative to paid writing services and cannot compete with them in any possible way. The essays produced by this site are basically Wikipedia articles put in the format of an essay, hard to be correctly printed or saved on a computer. In our opinion, this service is just a useless waste of time that cannot be recommended to anyone who is looking for good help with their writing.

Rating: 4, Writing service review. Author: Matt Allard