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It is known that supply and demand are near allied. Custom writing services have become much more popular in the past few years. Thanks to the Internet, it has become possible for students all over the world to simply order their essays and get them perfectly completed and delivered within hours. Today it is one of the easiest, fastest and most affordable ways to have your assignments professionally done. Under one condition though: if you find a reliable and responsible service. Which is not actually as easy as it seems.

Our team is constantly searching information about English writing services in order to help you to distinguish good writing companies from bad ones, and save you from losing your energy and money. This time we would like to present you our review on and make out whether it is affordable and reliable in practice.

What Is Offered? work predominantly with orders from students. They do writing from scratch, proofreading and editing, multiple choice answers and some types of simple business writings, such as cover letters, personal statements, presentations etc. There is one more option called “Problem solving”, which is not really clear and seems pretty strange. What kind of problems do they mean? Why is it a freestanding option? To a common customer, especially to a first-time one, this looks rather baffling.

Another difficulty, that you may have while using this service concerns academic levels. At they start from the undergraduate one, so if you are a high school student, you should better look for some other services, because this one is for college or university students only. There is also the level called “Professional”, and it is hard to say what kind of degree is meant by it: Master’s or Doctoral, or maybe both. This is unclear. claims to be the fastest writing service. They promise to write your assignment in 2 hours, which is not true. As the number of pages, academic levels and topics of the assignments that can be finished within 2 hours are not specified here, we decided to order a 10-page analytical essay on Literature. It was delivered to us with a 10-minute delay and the quality left much to be desired.

Several words about the prices: they are not indicated on the website, so we needed to contact the support team and ask them to calculate the price of our essay for us. It took additional time and money, as the phone calls are not toll-free. The price was a much worse surprise. Be ready that this option is definitely not for everyone, because the urgency charge is too high to be affordable for a common student.

Prices, Payment Process, Discounts

Talking about the prices at, we need to say that they are rather high. In addition, there is no kind of calculator, which is available with the majority of other writing services. Instead you have to check the Prices page, get lost in that strange academic levels system and calculate everything by yourself. And still you cannot be sure that the sum you have calculated is the final price, because they have the whole range of additional charges for the services that other writing services offer gratis.

For example, plagiarism report will cost you additional 10$ for 10 pages with double spacing or 5 pages with single one. Good customer support is also paid. They claim to offer their clients 24/7 support, but if you want to have it, you need to pay additional 15$ for the VIP service, or you will have to wait until thousands of other customers’ requests will be responded.

Payment process with is not clear, as there is no information about the paying systems they work with or card payments that they accept. The only thing they mention is reassurance in confidentiality of your payment details, and that is it. Does it look reliable and trustworthy? We do not think so.

Talking about discounts, we have learned that there are only two ways to get them: to be a first-time customer, brought to the company by one of their other clients, or to be the one who has invited several friends to become their customers.


Our experience with showed us that this service is not the best variant to choose if you need a paper to be written. The costs are high, and there is no place where it is possible to see the total price. The support is not interested to work with you until you pay additional money for the VIP customer option. The number of revisions is limited to 3 times only. The quality of writing is unsatisfactory, and in general, the website simply lacks a lot of the necessary information, which makes it pretty hard to use.

Rating: 4, Writing service review. Author: Matt Allard